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Finnish Newspapers Association publishes the journal Suomen Lehdistö, which appears ten times a year. Suomen Lehdistö is a professional journal for the newspaper sector, with subscribers and readers also in the educational and research sectors, public administration, companies and organisations.

Suomen Lehdistö's readership comprises senior executives in production, administration, circulation marketing and advertising sales as well as editorial staff. It is also an important instrument for graphic personnel, photographers, layout artists and staff who handle communications and logistics. Public administrative bodies, local authorities and media educational establishments likewise subscribe to Suomen Lehdistö.

 Special issue

suomen lehdisto 5 2014 kansiSuomen Lehdistö 5/2014 is a special issue with contents including contact and statistical information on the member newspapers and free sheets of the association.

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Price: 25,50 euros + VAT 24 % + pp.

Updated  September 18, 2014